Luca Barabino wins the 2021 International PR Ferpi Award

“Those who work in this field know Luca and recognise both the central role he plays in enhancing the importance of communicators as well as his contributions to the complex process of education and awareness-raising of the significance of communications on the development of companies and the country’s larger ecosystem.”


Luca Barabino is a “symbol” in the world of communications; he is the man on the bike carrying a tree on his shoulders, as portrayed in the company logo. A symbol that depicts the daily challenges of the communicator that always manages to solve complex situations, in Italy as well as worldwide.


In 2021, for the fifth year in a row, Barabino & Partners has been rewarded at the Financecommunity Awards, organised and directed by A contest with six editions and that for five years in a row saw Barabino & Partners and its communicators on the highest podium. Additionally, according to Mergermarket, the primary institution for international evaluation, the company ranks fifth in Europe and eighth worldwide in the Advisor of Corporate/Financial Communication rankings.


Today we reward Luca Barabino for his prestige; he received the 2021 International PR Ferpi Award.


For this reason, the 2021 Ferpi Award, has been awarded on February 14th 2021 in Milan at the Areapergolesi Events.


This prestigious award celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Federazione Relazioni Pubbliche Italiana, to promote the role of communication, which has now become strategic for both public and private organisations.

Luca Barabino, “symbol” in communications, Founder e AD di Barabino & Partners, has been awarded the 2021 Ferpi Award for the International PR category.



This International PR prize honors the dedication and the commitment of a profession which is constantly evolving, complex and challenging at a time of international growth for B&P. With the acquisition of B2P Communications Consultant, the company strengthens its presence in Germany and in the French market.



Luca Barabino’s short speech at the ceremony focused on the essential role of relationships, which have been at the center of the company’s directional strategy for a long time. Already in April 2020, in a letter open to the market” published on Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica, the CEO commented “with the pandemic, we have changed our habits and lifestyles, but “the relationship” is and will remain at the center of our lives”. These words are even more relevant nowadays, as back then they represented the beginning of a radical change in the content of communications.



Luca Barabino wanted to share the merit of this prize with all the colleagues at B&Pbecause it is together with the people with which we work, confront, listen and entertain every day, for many years with many of us and recently with the younger ones, that we and I have achieved this result”.



Here is the link to the video of the ceremony delivering the2021 Ferpi Award.



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