Who we are

“To create is to live twice”
(A. Camus)


Barabino & Partners is the most important Italian company operating within the corporate communication consultancy sector, with over 140 employees and collaborators and about 22 million euros in revenue.

It is also the only Italian group in the field of integrated communications, Media Relations, and Public Relations and digital directly present in foreign markets, thanks to Barabino & Partners UK in London, Barabino & Partners Deutschland in Berlin, and Barabino & Partners USA in New York. The company has been at the top of Mergermarket classifications for years.

Although it is true that the world is in a constant state of evolution, it is also true that companies’ goals have not changed.

And it could not be otherwise.

Companies need to remain relevant in their markets by learning to adapt to fluid, constantly mutating contexts, such as the increasingly global and pervasive social media landscape.

The challenge is multi-layered. It is a question of identity and dialogue, of listening and tone of address, information, communication, but also of reputation, and of communicating companies and people.

These challenges are addressed through the representation of a company’s nature, whether it be financial, industrial, or service-related, including outside of its establishments, its departments, offices, and headquarters.

We at Barabino & Partners have been an independent company for thirty years and have supported companies in the ideation, design, and realisation of communication strategies to help them engage both new and habitual interlocutors and to best serve their kaleidoscope of needs.

We often ask ourselves why. Maybe it’s because—knowing the importance of local identity—we are appreciated as communicators of Made in Italy in the world, or because we are key players in the most noteworthy major finance operations in our country, or for our work on high-profile cases of issue management.

Or maybe because, through the years, we have– modestly but determinedly—built a solid reputation in the corporate communication of important Italian and international companies and businesses, thanks to a particular inclination towards innovation and a unique work method that is revolutionising the sector.

Or maybe because, in our normality and in our daily work ethic, we are anything but an ordinary company.

Our values

energy and passion
talent development
openness to change
client engagement
ethic and responsibility