“To create is to live twice”
(A. Camus)


If it is true that the world is in constant evolution, it must be also true that the aim of companies hasn’t changed.
And it couldn’t be otherwise.

It is important to stay relevant on the market, learning to adapt to changing contexts, such as the increasingly-pervasive one represented by the social media.

The challenge is double –identity and dialogue- and goes through the representation of the business nature, whether financial or industrial, even out of the factories, offices, institutional offices.


With over 100 professionals and eight locations, in Italy and abroad, for more than thirty years Barabino & Partners has been an independent companion in the creation and realization of communication strategies aimed at engaging people, embracing the plurality of their needs.


It could be that, knowing the value of the local identity, we are estimated communicators of the Made in Italy excellences around the world, or because we are protagonists of large financial operations in our country.
It could also be that, over the years, we built a solid reputation in the corporate communication of important stories of Italian and international entrepreneurship and professionalism. We also embraced the innovation and a business model that is revolutionizing the field.


Or it could be that we are everything but an ordinary reality.

Luca Barabino
Federico Steiner
Luisa Robba

energy and passion
talent development
openness to change
client engagement
ethic and responsibility

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