Our commitment to sustainability.

Another story worth telling


In view of the 1992 Expo in Genoa, together with other large companies, we contribute to the “Urban Green Spaces of Corso Italia” project.


B&P realizes the paving and gardening, as well as the façade lighting, of Foro Buonaparte in Milan.


Barabino & Partners is the official sponsor of the Genoa Cfc Scuola Calcio, to support the education of over 2,500 children and teens aged 6 to 14 through sport values.


B&P launches “La Cantera”, a project dedicated to recent graduates who want to enter the world of communication.

B&P also takes charge of the urban redevelopment initiative in via Montebello in Milan, realising a pedestrian area and a garden.


Considering sport as a form of social commitment, B&P renovates the Sciorba Stadium in Genoa and manages it for 11 years.


We update our Barabino & Partners Code of Ethics.


B&P contributes to the realization of two editions (2018 – 2019) of the Italian football championship finals for athletes with disabilities.

Further, we introduce the “Best Employee of the Year”, an award to celebrate B&P professionals.


B&P offers support and volunteer work to the Opera San Francesco in Milan for the Christmas holidays.


Through the “Resilience Recognition” Project, B&P makes a concrete contribution to its employees for having faced the difficult period of the pandemic with commitment and participation.

The solidarity relationship with the Opera San Francesco in Milan continues.

B&P commits to reduce the payment time to suppliers by 10 days to support them during the emergency of the pandemic.


Through the “Sharing Recognition” Project, B&P offers an extraordinary contribution to its resources for their commitment during the 2nd year of the pandemic.

We further reduce the consumption of disposable plastic in our offices. This adds to the effort to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles in favour of autonomous dispensers, an initiative started over 10 years earlier.

B&P renews its solidarity project with the Opera San Francesco of Milan and extends it to Pane Quotidiano.

The collaboration with Treedom begins: we start building the “Barabino & Partners Forest” to contribute to agri-food development projects in Kenya.


B&P launches the “Recognition to future generations” project and the “B&P Welfare Portal”, offering services to all Barabino & Partners resources.

Barabino & Partners becomes a Benefit Company.


Following a two-year agreement, Barabino & Partners returns as Main Sponsor of the Genoa CFC Scuola Calcio.

Achievement of Gender Equality Certification, Italy’s first certification on gender equality in the world of work issued by the Winning Women Institute