Benefit Corporation

Being a sustainable company

We believe that building a better future for future generations is possible.

We feel the responsibility to be play an active part in a world that is increasingly connected and in continuous evolution, contributing to the creation of wellbeing and value for the people, communities, and territories of which we are a part of. Therefore, since the early 90s, we have been strongly committed to social security, environmental protection, and governance, especially with respect to our stakeholders.

This long-standing commitment has paved our way for choosing to be a “Benefit Company”: a new business model that places social commitment, sustainability, and responsible management at the centre of its mission.

This model, together with our entrepreneurial vocation to be a responsibly profitable company, allows us to have “right profit” as the philosophical choice that inspires our mission.

The Benefit Company.
A set-in-stone commitment

The Benefit Company is a corporate form in the Italian legal system that is granted to companies that operate “in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards the people, communities, territories, the environment, socio-cultural assets and activities, entities and associations, and the civil society “.

This is the commitment we have made, and we also have modified our Statute to ensure it is set in stone.

We implement and share this commitment with all of our team and external collaborators:

Our human resources



The market

Education and training institutions

Young professionals

The Media and other primary interlocutors

Institutions, PP.AA. and Regulatory Bodies, Third Sector

The Community and Territory

We promote and disseminate a culture of innovation and sustainable development.

We collaborate with universities and scientific institutions to carry out research and training initiatives on ESG issues, new business models, environmental protection and social development.

We give rise to valuable relationships, respecting the rights, abilities and aspirations of people, promoting quality of life and avoiding any kind of discrimination rooted in gender, age, ethnicity, political opinion and religion.

We deeply care about the welfare, quality of life, relationships in the workplace and the professional growth of the people who work with us, as evidenced by the following initiatives:


Corporate welfare

Networking and engagement projects

Vocational training, retraining and general knowledge

Analysis and focus on trending topics of concern to society

Consultation and discussion

Protection of health and safety

Quality of working conditions and environment

Equal career opportunities

Work-life balance, personal interests and working schedule (“smart work” and “smart life”)

Search for creation of “stability”

Close-knit community


We offer training opportunities to young people who wish to enter the working world through dedicated internship programmes from the “Cantera Project”, as well as clear career progression and growth paths.

We contribute to the creation of economic and social value for the communities we are part of, especially for vulnerable and at-risk people. We promote cultural and sports initiatives, as well as efforts to reduce our environmental footprint.

We partner with volunteer associations, non-profit organisations and public administrations to support their activities and share our initiatives.

“Our commitment to sustainability. Yet another beautiful story.”

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