The Cantera project

‘Cantera’ is a Spanish term that refers to a special place: originally referring to the caves or cellars where wine is stored to improve in quality and age to excellence, it now symbolises the youth academies where renowned Catalan football clubs nurture their promising talents.

Similarly, the formative and social nature of the Cantera at Barabino & Partners enables future communication practitioners to develop their skills and open themselves up to new career opportunities. The project gives recent graduates the opportunity to learn and train directly on the field and prepares them adequately for the ‘real’ job market – an extremely valuable opportunity in a difficult moment for youth employment across Europe (eliminerei visto che il labour market e’ in super espansione – in EU).

We require a strong commitment from our recent graduates. They are encouraged to push their limits and demonstrate dedication, passion, determination, and willingness, working side by side with partners and senior consultants. They can learn incredibly from the dynamic and cutting-edge nature of the environment in which they are introduced, characterised by professional and cultural excellence, where daily activities help developing and shaping the new paradigms and models of this ever-changing sector.

This is the philosophy of the Cantera at Barabino & Partners, where the experts of tomorrow first dip their toes into the practice and ‘where new communicators are born’.

In more than 12 years, we have successfully trained over 110 young interns in our offices in Milan, London, Rome, New York, Genoa, and Berlin. All of them have transitioned to important jobs within an average of 28 days after the end of their internship.

Every year, we receive over 3.000 applications, 1.000 of which are from graduates attending the most prestigious high schools and universities, both Italian and International. Among these, we select the 15-20 most promising profiles depending on their educational backgrounds, fluency in foreign languages, entrepreneurial spirit, curiosity, engagement, and teamwork skills. They have the opportunity to enjoy a professional and formative experience in the leading corporate and financial communication agency in Italy and across Europe.

If you think you are the right person to take up this challenge and you are willing to commit to this valuable experience,

please send your application to

Our values

Energy and passion 
Desire to invest 
Commitment and expertise 
Professional rigour 
Method primacy 
New generation culture  

Barabino & Partners has always valued the formation, professional growth and social commitment that characterise a socially responsible corporate. Hence, the company adopts a code of conduct that is approved and shared by all staff members, employees and participants in the Cantera project.


At Barabino & Partners we nurture and encourage a strong engagement at every stage of the company. Each Cantera intern is supported by a professional tutor, and provided with the following items:

Where new communicators are born

Over 80 young communication practitioners formed since 2010

Marlene Konczak
Berlin, 2011
Jana Renner
Berlin, 2012
Marina Bozzano
Milano, 2012
Manuela Signorelli
Genova, 2013
Aurora Rodaro
Berlin, 2014
Guglielmo Curto
Berlin, 2017
Giulia Bobbio
Genova, 2017
Vanessa Paganini
Genova, 2018
Niccolò Fornara
Milano, 2022