Barabino & Partners has been chosen as communications advisor – in its role as a component of the crisis management unit—for Italy’s most high-profile corporate crises over the last decade.


Barabino & Partners’ work method is based on the creation of a solid crisis “storyline,” and on the careful selection and definition of the stakeholders involved, as well as of the tools –including digital—on which to draw on.


The journey is always full of unforeseen circumstances, this we know.


If at one time, emergencies could be easily limited, hiding is no longer an option. The reason is always the same: engaging with traditional and social media – where traces are permanent – is almost impossible without the appropriate Crisis Management tools.


Only companies prepared in crisis management can effectively minimize the damage to their image that may follow.


It is true that companies must be adaptable, flexible, and quick to act, and that these qualities can help them react to many potential situations. But it is not enough to improvise.


Guiding and preparing the organization and its key players to prevent and manage an emergency is a fundamental element of a business’s managerial culture.


Barabino & Partners works alongside its clients to define a communication strategy, interpreting the evolution of the “risk scenarios,” identifying the various company stakeholders who may be affected, and developing all the necessary communication materials.


A crisis is not just something to communicate, it is also a concern for the company’s management itself. It requires deliberate, incisive intervention in real time, in addition to sophisticated prevention systems.


Before it is too late.

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