Through its consultancy services, Barabino & Partners supports some of the top Italian and international businesses, helping them manage and curate their company’s reputation in the eyes of various key stakeholders.

Without the help of a careful corporate communication strategy, what companies are able to convey about themselves to their public remains only the tip of the iceberg. Their potential, all too frequently, risks being left unexpressed and unexplored.

There are important changes and delicate transitions in which a corporate and entrepreneurial story remains indispensable. In these situations, the company’s values and strategic assets must not remain buried, invisible in the eyes of the public.


When a company is born and decides to list, makes an acquisition or wishes to increase its appeal, attempts an expansion plan in Italy or abroad, chooses new partners, changes direction or leadership, plans an important investment or a rebranding, celebrates an anniversary or faces an issue shared by the whole sector, corporate communication becomes an indispensable tool.


Typically, a company’s reputation is the fruit of a long and meticulous process of content selection and development, as well as of the correct positioning of its managers. In an increasingly fluid and fragmented media context, knowing how to identify, repackage, and distribute different contents with surgical precision, positioning them only where they can truly be noticed and used positively, is fundamental.


Corporate communication integrates and amplifies not only economic and financial communication, its most natural and obvious travelling companion, but also product communication in creating an organic system that generates an impactful long-term public perception of the company.


Barabino & Partners knows that the trust of company stake holders, from the most engaged to the most critical, is to be considered and nurtured day by day, in the spirit of transparency and mutual respect. A “control room” to establish priorities and coordinate corporate communication actions in different contexts is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for everything to function according to plan.


We must be able to promise internal and external interlocutors that all that is good, can only get better.


And that anything that is negative will be resolved in the course of the evolution.