Chief Executive Officer

Federico devotes his high school and college years to activities in politics and cultivates the love for jazz inherited from his father- along with his passion for the soccer team Inter. Although he cannot play as well as he would want, he is passionate about listening and reviewing jazz music for several more or less clandestine publications.   In 1988, after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Contemporary History, he joins B&P to work on the inaugural edition of Salone del Libro, the international book fair of Turin, finding his professional fulfillment in corporate communication.   From that moment onward, he never ceased to dedicate himself to corporate communication, advising Italian businesses and multinational corporations on their reputation, in a discreet and reserved way.   Even today, in the digital era, Federico doesn’t give up to his newspapers in print edition to flip through with his coffee, each morning, before leaving home. For him, this is the best way to expand each day information and knowledge, the raw ingredients of his profession.