Chief Executive Officer

Federico dedicated his high school and university years to youth political activity and cultivating a love of jazz inherited from his father – as well as a passion for Inter Milan. While not a player himself, he used to review jazz music for almost-clandestine newspapers.

In 1988, after completing a degree in Contemporary History, he joined B&P to follow the inaugural edition of the Book Fair and found his professional fulfilment in corporate communication.

Since then, he has never stopped dedicating himself to the institutional corporate line, discreetly and confidentially accompanying the path of reputation and business of Italian and multinational companies.

Even today, in the midst of the digital era, he does not give up the bundle of newspapers to skim through with his morning coffee before leaving home. To this day, he strongly believes it to be the best way to increase one’s level of information and knowledge, the essential pillars of communication consultancy.