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ESG BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2021: the 16th of June we will stand with ETicaNews to debate ESG Identity and sustainability and discover the Integrated Governance Index 2021 rankings

Which communication strategies provide a company the best path to sustainability from an ESG Identity perspective? Which Italian companies are the “top performers” in terms of level of integration of ESG values in the business governance?


These are just few of the many debating points that will be discussed the 16th of June at the ESG Business Conference 2021 organised by ETicaNews, media outlet founded and directed by Luca Testoni, recognised today as one of the most important scientific and press laboratories in the sector.


During the third edition of the conference, the results of the sixth edition of the Integrated Governance Index (IGI) 2021 research will be presented. The IGI rankings represent an undisputed point of reference in Italy for themes on the sustainability of business, as they are the only model of quantitative analysis of the degree of integration of ESG factors in the business strategy.


More specifically, the research that has led to the creation of IGI 2021 involved the first 100 publicly listed companies as well as companies that have published the Non-Financial Statement in 2020 (Consob basket) and the first 50 non-publicly listed companies in Italy. In total, therefore, IGI 2021 maps around 270 businesses, with a precise scientific model that can be consulted here.


Throughout conference, which has been organised to be digitally accessible, a rich program will enable discussion and dialogue regarding the future of the integration of sustainability in companies, especially in light of the directive that the European Commission has adopted the past April, which extends the requirement of non-financial reporting, excluding it only for micro-businesses.


We will also be present t the Conference, as ETicaNews’ partners helping companies that choose to undertake a structured path in the creation and communication of environmental, social and governance responsibility.

Specifically, we will tackle themes tied to communicating ESG Identity in the afternoon of the 16th of June, in occasion of the Institutional Conference “Governance and ESG Identity – Governing sustainability from a strategic perspective”, which will be held between 15:30 and 17 and will open with a presentation on the IGI 2021. Following the presentation on the research, we will contribute to the talk on results and future prospects, offering our perspectives as experienced corporate communicators. In fact, integrating ESG criteria in business is strongly influenced by the ability to create and govern a shared storytelling that intervenes on the redefinition of corporate identity in an ESG context, which can capture all the company’s stakeholders.


We will see you the 16th of June to explore the topics related to sustainable commitments by brands and companies and find out the IGI 2021 general, by investigation topic and by sector rankings.

Here is the link to sign up to the event.


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