Communicating sustainability: Barabino & Partners Design supporting Fondazione Allianz Umanamente

The field of communications sustainability is expanding given the acknowledgment of the threat our planet is facing.

It is important that the CSR company programs build a compelling storytelling that is coherent to the company’s brand identity to allow stakeholders to fully comprehend the commitment and the results. Hence, the social report becomes increasingly relevant as it is the vehicle through which initiatives, results and future projects become accessible to the public. It is also the tool that communicates the company’s approach to sustainability in its three aspects: economic, social and environmental.

The strategic importance of this document led to the founding of the Balance Sheet Oscar, promoted by Ferpi, Bocconi University and the Italian Stock Exchange. This prize rewards the ability of the social balance report to communicate values and the company culture to all the stakeholders, even the less technical ones. Umanamente, the Fondazione del Gruppo Allianz, was awarded the Balance Sheet Oscar for the 55th edition of the prize for the category “Fondazione Erogatrici” for the social balance report in 2018.

Barabino & Partners Design, the division specialised in corporate identity and visual communications consultancy, curates the graphic design of the Fondazione Allianz Umanamente’s financial statement for 10 years. Every year, they prepare a unique and bespoke document for the activity of CSR.

The 2018 edition identifies itself in the graphic transposition of the mural “Il Giro del Mondo in 50 Piani”, a social art initiative developed on the stairs of the Allianz tower that entered the Guinness World Records® for the longest mural in the world. The layout of the document has been designed to allow an easy and intuitive use thanks to the original infographic, to ensure accessibility to the data of the projects, maintaining the corporate identity of Umanamente through the use of the color palette of the mural. This way, Barabino & Partners Design has realised a transparent and accessible document, efficiently communicating to all the stakeholders.

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Allianz Umanamente
Allianz Umanamente