Social Networks, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: the Cam.TV platform launches its first crowdfunding campaign in Europe through Security Token Offering

Blockchain technology is working towards the protection and monetisation of social media content. This innovation is at the heart of the Cam.TV social network, a peer-to-peer Italian-Austrian-Estonian platform based on blockchain technology that allows users to learn, share and promote information and knowledge online as well as monetise their own content directly on a single channel and in a disintermediate way through donations in the cryptocurrency LKSCOIN and secure, fast and low-cost payments.


The innovative approach to the world of social media and content sharing was welcomed by the market, as embodied by the success of the first crowdfunding campaign launched by the platform in 2018, which raised over 3 million euros and became the biggest in Italian history and one of the most successful at the European level.


On the 2nd of June 2021, the Cam.TV platform, which had garnered 400,000 members, 6,000 subscribers and a transaction volume of over 18 million by the 2nd of May 2021, takes a further step forward and launches its new crowdfunding campaign. Said campaign is particularly innovative, as it entails the emission of tokenised shares (CAM token) with rights to participate in the revenue of the platform.


This is the first instance of STO (Security Token Offering) crowdfunding, entirely compliant with European financial regulations. The procedure is, in fact, overseen by the Austrian financial regulation authority FMA. Cam.TV will sell the up to 43,750,000 euros of security tokens, divided into a maximum of 35,000,000 single pieces of a nominal value of 1.25 euros each, through the issuer Digital Fastlane.


Cam.TV has chosen to apply the advantages and opportunities of blockchain technology to the digital communications and social network ecosystem, offering a platform able to solve some of the biggest issues of social network such as the proliferation of fake news and the monetisation of content creators’ work.


Through the STO, in fact, Cam.TV seeks to safeguard copyright and curtail the spread of fake news. The founder of Cam.TV Gabriele Visintini explains that this will happen “through the integration in the platform of a system for the generation of Non-fungible Tokens, encrypted certificates of authenticity tied to the content of creators, a novelty which will allow to create a secondary market for the resale of copyright and royalty distributions.”

Such innovation of processes has the potential to completely revolutionise the balance of social networks. Here at Barabino & Partners, in coordination with our German branch Barabino & Partners Deutschland , we are proud to help share the project in Italy, Germany and Austria not only to the press and the financial community, but also to fintech and blockchain enthusiasts. The STO is, in fact, open to whoever wishes to contribute to an ethical project that seeks to bring quality and security while enhancing the user’s experience in the use and consumption of social media content.


For more information on the STO and the informative prospectus:

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