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RETAIL BANKING. BBVA’s proposal lands in Italy: a 100% digital bank that ensures security and simplicity.

The digitalization of payments is a process that Italy is currently experimenting with unprecedented vigour. The volume of digital payments has already increased by +23% since 2020, going from 118 to 145.6 billion euros, as measured by the Observatory of Innovative Payments of the Politecnico di Milano, with an increase in mobile payments of over 80%. Though it is an important step, the growth is relative. According to data from the European Central Bank, in fact, Italy is 25th out of the 27 member states of the EU in terms of digital transactions. The Italian market is, thus, in the midst of a massive change.


It is in this very context that the banking sector is adapting its offers to an increasingly digital clientele that expects security and smooth management of its wealth, possibly with a single touch of their phones’ screens, as well as a reliable strategy for dealing with the ever-more entrenched habit of online purchases.


BBVA offers a solution to Italians:a digital, universal bank with a high value proposal and an experience tailored on the needs of each client that combines theoffer of products and the stability of a traditional bank with the capacity to innovate mechanisms and processes in the digital sphere. After over 30 years of wholesale banking experience in the Italian market, BBVA launches itself into the retail sector.

The proposal leverages BBVA’s indubitable leadership in digitalisation. Recognised by Forrester as the European leader in digital experiences for the fifth consecutive year, the bank guarantees a valuable interaction through digital channels to over 38 million clients. Over 62% interactions happen through the mobile application and 7 out of 10 sales are of a digital nature.


Online bank accounts with credit cards and without fees or commissions, zero commissions for transfers, including the immediate ones, free cash withdrawals starting from 100 euros at any ATM in the eurozone and a mobile payment service compatible with Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Guaranteed simple, quick and especially secure shopping experiences. BBVA, in fact, is the first to introduce a credit card without a printed credit card number or security code in Italy. The security code is generated by the mobile application each time a client makes a purchase, guaranteeing an increased level of security throughout the transaction.



The digital banking experience is enriched by other tools that help clients save money and easily manage their expenses from the app as well as a wide selection of financial products designed for their daily needs, available at competitive prices through a simple click.


A new idea of a bank is, thus, born. One that places the person at the centre of a digital experience optimised for their needs. A wonderful initiative that we here at Barabino & Partners have supported in it communication and media relations activities.

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