Urbano Cairo wins the Assorel alla Carriera Award


The Assorel alla Carriera Award is dedicated to the professional or public figure that testified the value of communications in its role, benefiting the company and collectivity.

This year, the association of PR agencies awarded the prestigious prize to Urbano Cairo.

“A story of great passion, that has already brought back the profit after a five-year loss and is bringing us to relaunch the whole Corriere system: from the new weekly magazine L’Economia, to the new 7 directed by Beppe Severgnini, to Le Buone Notizie, that narrates the extraordinary side of our country, to the Turin edition that just launched”.

The editor commented his experience with RCS, started a little over a year ago following the acquisition of the group in 2016 with an Opas that will be remembered for a long time.

Before Urbano Cairo, the prize was awarded to Umberto Veronesi, Emma Bonino, Laura Boldrini, Ferruccio de Bortoli, Gianni Letta, Piero Angela, Fabio Fazio.

Barabino & Partners supported Urbano Cairo as strategic communications advisor.


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