A traditionally Italian taste now also organic

Pomì, one of Italy’s most iconing tomato sauce brands, was established in Northern Italy in 1984. The same year it made its way to tables in the United States, bringing the unique flavors the Italian sun gives to its crops. Pomì sparked a revolution, being the first 100% Italian tomatoes to be available in carton packages. Over thirty years later, Pomì is a staple and a trusted brand for American seeking premium Italian quality tomatoes. Barabino & Partners USA supported Pomì US in launching its new organic line of products in the United States in occasion of the Summer Fancy Food 2016.

The strategy revolved around the idea of communicating the extraordinary nature of the Italian quality of the brand combined with the evolving taste of the American consumer more and more prone to organic products and certified origins. During the Summer Fancy Food Show, we associated a traditional media activity aimed at maximizing the visibility of the news of the organic line with a social media campaign presenting the brand during the days of Fancy Food Show. The strategy succeeded in increasing the exposure of the brand and the launch of the new products across the United States and also associating the brand as the outmost example of Italian quality and taste.

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