Luca Barabino – Professional of the year in communications

“For embodying the abilities of an enlightened entrepreneur with those of a focused communicator.”

“For having created the leader in Italy in communications consultancy, leading with charisma its own team and representing a trusted partner for the clientele on an international scale as well”.

Professional of the year in communications.

Luca Barabino was awarded this prestigious prize yesterday evening at Palazzo Mezzanotte, for the VII edition of Le Fonti Awards.

Le Fonti Award ® is an ambitious prize awarded every year from the representatives of the global business community to the company leaders, law firms and representatives of the financial sector that have distinguished themselves in carrying out their managerial roles successfully.

This ward testifies the value of expertise and professionality that Luca Barabino, together with B&P colleagues, was able to convey to the world of communications through an entrepreneurial story of determination and perseverance that has lasted for over 30 years.

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