HINES: The magic of the flower festival from Noto to Milan

Starting today, the 1st of July, to this Saturday, the 3rd, Via della Spiga, iconic landmark of Milanese lifestyle, will host 13 canvases decorated with over two thousand flowers. They are the work of 60 masters of flowers from Noto, a baroque Sicilian city that has been the home of the traditional “infiorata” (flower festival”) since 1980.


It is the first edition of “Semina – L’Infiorata di Via della Spiga”, an event dedicated to celebrating a new season in Milan, that of rebirth and sustainable urban renewal, promoted and organised by Hines in collaboration with the Amici di Via della Spiga association and with the patronage of the Comune di Milano and the Comune di Noto.


he event is Hines’, global real estate player, second initiative, dedicated to the city of Milan. After the great success of the concert at the top floor of Torre Velasca to inaugurate the start of the summer and the renovation of the tower, “Semina – L’Infiorata di Via della Spiga”, represents the symbolic planting of 13 ideas: 13 images able to evoke feelings and thoughts that can flower and transform into tangible projects for the city, inspired by as many extraordinary protagonists who embody the identity of Milan and its visionary, artistic and entrepreneurial potential.


The 13 works created by the masters of flowers are curated by iconic figures in the design world, such as Piero Lissoni, Patricia Urquiola, Gilda Bojardi and Elena Salmistraro, in the world of fashion, such as Vogue, Carla Sozzani and Giuliano Calza, in the restaurant business, such as Enrico Bartolini, and the sport, culture and lifestyle landscape, such as Sveva Casati Modignani, AC Milan, Olivia and Gian Maurizio Fercioni, Toilet Paper and Plastic. Hines and the Amici di Via della Spiga association has involved these respected figures to share and represent their ideas and projects for a Milan constantly focused on its “Renewal” and “Rebirth”.

It is an inclusive and impactful communication project that mirrors Hines’ effort in contributing to the development of the Lombard city through important projects of sustainable urban renewal and their enthusiasm in sharing these projects with the city and its people. “We strongly believe in the value that vision, images and aspirations can have for the community”, stated Mario Abbadessa, Senior Managing Director and Country Head of Hines Italy. He continued: “We are committed to realising them with a strategy based on design, enrichment and sustainable renewal.”

Heinz is particularly committed to renovating the Palazzo Pertusati, works which will end in a few months, giving back to Milan an iconic property that will be named “Spiga 26”: a new space with a surface of over 12000 square metres, 3000 of which will be dedicated to retail, a green internal courtyard of 180 square metres, certified LEED Gold Core&Shell.


credits: Giovanni A. Mocchetti

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