From one Cantera… to another!

My experience with Barabino & Partners and, more specifically, with the Cantera, began fifteen years ago. For obvious reasons, due to my age, at the time it wasn’t part of my professional career, but rather of my sports path. When I was younger, in fact, I played football. I wore a red and blue shirt with Barabino & Partners’ logo printed on it.



Today, after almost fifteen years, I am proud to represent this company yet again, this time as a consultant. I already knew the history and values of Barabino & Partners but, going from a small football pitch to the Rockefeller Center, I was able to wholly become part of the company.


My internship experience in Barabino & Partners USA has granted me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in the world of work and especially the world of communications. The New York pace is frenetic in every aspect of daily life, but with the right balance between theory and practice I was able to start perfecting my abilities as a communicator. For months I felt like a sponge, ready to absorb as much information as possible: from the input received from my senior colleagues to the direct interaction with clients, who I was introduced to gradually, I dedicated myself to understanding their needs and being able to satisfy them as best I could.


Interacting with American colleagues on a daily basis is a massive added value: the most peculiar aspects of the two cultures create an amazing mix, specifically between the American enthusiasm and proposition and the Italian balance and fantasy. This situation offers a productive match every day, one that allows us to perform as best as possible in our duties to our clients.


Everyday I get to interface with the high standards that a central city, such as New York, demands. Here, the thoughts run fast and, in order to keep up, you need to be open minded and forward-looking. I always have faced curiosities, as well as my doubts, in a professional way, and with the utmost availability from my colleagues.


In the B&P Cantera, professional and personal growth is extremely fast paced yet focused on the details. Our job revolves around contacts and human connections, built brick by brick. These past few months, I have grasped the importance and, crucially, the need to nurture my network from a business perspective.


Being part of Generation Z, I have been part of the world of social media since I was young. Throughout the years, my curiosity towards these new and ever-changing communication tools has fuelled an interest in understanding their potential: not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a managerial standpoint.


Being able to work ‘on the field’ in an environment defined by professionalism and experience has been massively enriching ever since the first day in the B&P USA office. Seeking to become a leader in the workplace as I have been, in a small way, on the football pitch, is a dream I wish to pursue.

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