Copy of Italian coffee + Vogue, together at last

Airports terminals are rarely associated with comfort and relax – in fact, anyone who has ever travelled by plane is more likely to mention queues, delays and overcharged snacks when recalling pre-boarding procedures. So what can make airport waiting time more enjoyable?


As customers become increasingly harder to please, brands and retailers are looking for new ways to attract them by relying on experiences and emotions, rather than just products. There is no reason why airports should not keep up with this trend, which is why Heathrow challenged retailers bidding for Terminal 2 space to innovate their offer for travellers by thinking outside the box.


As a response, Italian coffee chain Ca’puccino and British newsagent WHSmith teamed up to provide the busy travellers of Heathrow’s Terminal 2 a taste of dolce vita. In June 2014, the companies joined forces to launch a brand new hybrid store, offering customers the finest Italian coffee and food, as well as a selection of international newspapers, glossy magazines and prestigious coffee table books. This peaceful retreat combined the simple pleasures in life: nibbling a fragrant, fresh-baked pastry while sipping a foamy latte and leafing through a sleek magazine. Most importantly, it granted all passengers frantically crossing Heathrow’s busy hallways some well-deserved ‘me time’ in a cozy environment.


The seasonal menu offers authentic Italian food with a twist: designed in consultation with renowned Italian chefs, such as Amalfi Coast pastry chef Salvatore de Riso, it includes breakfast classics, warm dishes, panini, desserts and ice creams. But everyone knows that coffee and delicious food are not the only Italian prides. Fashion plays its part, too. Hence, to further emphasise its Italian character, the store featured a ‘wall of Vogue’, which displayed a selection of the magazine’s editions from all over the world.


Sofia Dimen, Chief Operating Officer of Ca’puccino, said that the opening in Heathrow’s Terminal 2 fitted perfectly into the company’s global growth strategy and added that she was thrilled to embark in this venture with a strong and established partner, such as WHSmith.


B&P UK supported Ca’puccino by handling the media relations with British trade publications and Italian generalist media.


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