A turning point for Barabino & Partners

The market is changing and new technologies have pushed most companies to take a closer look to how they communicate their realities. Digital is the main medium to push this change forward and innovation is not a reversible process.

Barabino & Partners understands this clearly and to expand its offer in such a competitive market has decided to develop an ad hoc division within the company, called bDigital. The division will be independent from the other companies and will take care of all purely-digital communication projects.

bDigital will be led by Luca Sirianni as Head of Digital and with the goal of expanding the selection of services offered by the company. Before joining Barabino & Partners, Sirianni worked for H-ART, Alkemy and Cayenne.

Entering the digital communication sphere is therefore an opportunity for Barabino & Partners to become a reference player in the sector.

bDigital, already operational, aims to be a provider for everything related to digital marketing, from social media management to the development of projects that move only on digital.

News also on the training aspect, with classes at the SDA Bocconi, and on strengthening human resources. This is an ambitious growth plan that is part of the 2020 development plan with four specific drivers: the expansion of the offer, the internationalization, the centrality of resources with the new management and training plan and then greater communication by B&P.


The complete interview to Luca Barabino can be found on the Mag magazine of FinanceCommunity.

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