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Unifarco, the cosmetic company in co-branding at the service of pharmacies

Co-branding in the cosmetics section in pharmacies? It is not known by many, but the Gruppo Unifarco, born in 1982 at the foot of the Dolomites, has always based its entire business model on it, so much so that it has been recognised as a pioneer of high-quality cosmetics for pharmacies in Italy and Europe. It is now a sector in ascendancy given the growing interest in purchasing certified and sustainable skincare products.

Founded by pharmacists and with client pharmacies making up over 10% of the company, Unifarco plans, produces and distributes – with personalised labels – exclusive cosmetic products for its network of over 5000 pharmacies across Europe, a scientific community that shares the same philosophy and values: making pharmacies the point of reference for products and consultancy for personal care.

With an annual investment of around 4% of turnover in R&D, the Gruppo Unifarco dedicates a particular attention to ethical and sustainable innovation and development: this is best embodied by the 16 patents filed since 2005 and a series of certifications that certify the continued quality of products and good production practices. Among these, the EPD® certification is particularly noteworthy, as it attests to the level of environmental impact throughout the product’s entire lifetime. Unifarco is the only company operating in the cosmetics sector in the world to have received this certification.

In 2021, the Group celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Unifarco Deutschland office located close to Munich. For the occasion, the Barabino & Partners Deutschland branch supported the company in organising the group’s first press release in Germany (preparing the communication materials in German, handling the invites and subsequent follow-ups on published news) during which the management explained the group’s innovative business model, told the story of the growth journey in Germany and launched the new Premium Line for the brand “Farmacisti Preparatori”, the first to offer 100% eco-friendly packaging in pharmacies.

Helping Gruppo Unifarco with its first press conference with German media meant sharing abroad the appreciation of quality Italian entrepreneurship and know-how. It is for this reason that communicating the Made in Italy through our foreign branches in London, Berlin e New York always makes us especially proud.

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