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Living 2021 with the spirit of sharing

2020 overturned the very meaning and paradigms of life. It was a time where we looked to relationships to drive us towards an increasingly uncertain future, appealing to the resilience of the very deepest roots of the Barabino & Partners community and finding new ways to connect. Though it is true that much was and still is changing, the wish to not be alone is stronger than ever, as we seek to share experiences, points of view, solutions, projects and aspirations.


It is this very concept of sharing that drives us through 2021. It is a natural choice of a company that chooses to interpret its ESG commitment as a proactive presence on the market in terms of fair profit, a close bond to the local community, valuing people, supporting clients and respecting suppliers.


We have decided to recognise sharing as its most profound meaning of “have in common” rather than “splitting”, which has sparked a renewed sense of purpose in our efforts to deal with environmental, social and governmental issues.


Despite the ambiguity that still very much characterises our current scenario, we have pursued an idea that we have moulded into a concrete guiding principle for 2021.


The path that our company has walked this year was an undoubtedly positive one, with important milestones such as our New York office celebrating its tenth anniversary and the addition of various young team members. This reminds us that our perspective shapes and defines our everyday lives.


As such, building on the precedent set last year, the board of directors has taken extraordinary steps. They have awarded a “Sharing Bonus” to all employees and interns not included in the incentive plans or in variable pay systems, for a total of over 60 employees both in Italy and abroad.

It is a reward of great emotional importance through which the company can concretely support all its employees and stand by them effectively.


The Best Employee of the Year prize was likewise awarded this year, in recognition of employees who have distinguished themselves through their professional achievements. The fourth edition of the award recognised Letizia Castiello and Roberta Triscari their efforts, whom we thank wholeheartedly for their unique enthusiasm and dedication.



A further step towards sharing was taken in 2021: to benefit all employees, collaborators and their families, the company finalised the establishment of the new B&P Welfare Portal in collaboration with Edenred, the leading global player in the company welfare services market. The portal is an integrated solution which includes all services in a single place, such as formative and personal growth workshops, sports, travel, healthcare assistance, pension and others.


If sharing means awareness of local communities and landscapes, this year the board of directors agreed on a solidarity contribution destined to both the “Opera San Francesco per i Poveri”  foundation as well as the “Pane Quotidiano” non-profit organization. The two charities are based in Milan and daily provide hot meals to the poor and needy.


These donations will be made in January 2022, as the concerns of those most in need are often forgotten in the weeks following the Christmas festivities.


But there are also other areas and communities with which we share the same air, land and future that the company has decided to support. The Barabino & Partners Forest in Kenya was established this year, in collaboration with the BCorp Treedom, which plants trees and agroforestry systems to encourage biodiversity, reduce CO2 emissions and build profitable agricultural enterprises to the local population.



Barabino & Partners’ tree and distinctive green tone, representative of the company since 1985, thus land in the African continent in the form of tangible support to the planet and people: the 250 trees that are part of the Barabino & Partners Forest will in fact bring environmental and especially economic benefits, as the fruit-bearing species will provide further income to local communities.


Now more than ever our brand represents a shared commitment: contribute to a new development model, more focused on safeguarding the environment and promoting the health of people. The Forest will be planted by Christmas: a personal gift by Luca Barabino to all employees, collaborators and inters who daily contribute to keeping the trunk upright, the roots deep, and the leaves green of the big tree that is Barabino & Partners.


Our 2021 ends with the awareness of having achieved a tangible realignment of the founding tenets of the company, enriching them with new meaning.


We wish that the rapidly approaching 2022 will bring an energetic revival. Here at Barabino & Partners we will continue walking the path we have worked hard to build, with the effort needed to guarantee ever greater responsibility towards people, environment and local communities, always ready to innovate and evolve through change.

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