PR and
Digital PR

Barabino & Partners’ communication consultancy focuses on creating and managing solid, bi-lateral relations between companies and their stakeholders. This includes online and offline media (Media Relations), as well as influencers, shareholders, trade associations and business partners.


Public relations are an essential aspect when it comes to business communication and represent the field where Barabino & Partners holds its distinctive positioning in the market.


In the current digital era, companies need an integrated approach in order to determine which tools (online and offline) are best suited to their business objectives as well as the stakeholders with whom the company intends to establish partnerships or activate a flow of communication.


This is where Digital PR comes into play: they are essential in the development and management of relations involving wide audiences operating across digital platforms (bloggers or influencers). At the same time, they are, on their part, “ambassadors” capable of communicating the values of a brand, a company or a product directly to its followers.


Barabino & Partners – through decades of experience in business communication along with the ability of its digital team bDigital – is able to provide companies with an integrated consulting service aimed at identifying and approaching the most suitable stakeholders tailored specifically for the requirements of their clients.