Media Monitoring

Media and social media monitoring is an essential tool in business communication, PR and Digital PR and digital communication. It provides a clear and comprehensive picture of what the press is reporting about a particular company: it is also the grounds to develop tailor-made intervention strategies according to the established objectives.


In the context of crisis management projects, it is also essential to be able to understand the impact on the visibility of certain critical situations, in order to define in a targeted manner the strategies and approaches of specific management of media stakeholders.


Barabino & Partners offers companies – according to their specific needs – complete and timely media and social media monitoring services, including reporting and analysis of printed coverage, with progressive degrees of detail.


Regular monitoring activities are the indicators of the company’s reputation, while periodic check-ups are a useful way of evaluating the results obtained in relation to the communication paths adopted, whether in terms of institutional communication, product communication or financial communication.