Barabino & Partners is the Italian company with the most distinctive positioning in the area of financial communication, as we work constantly side by side with the most prestigious financial institutions, commercial banks, business banks, private equity and investment funds.


A leader in Italy for Merger & Acquisition (M&A) operations, the company has been a key player in the communication of the most important Italian privatisations and has over 100 stock exchange listing operations active.


Our intuition, passion, and dedication have brought us to occupy this position of excellence in financial communication.


When there is a major operation in the air, Barabino & Partners is a guarantee.


Or when a company’s image is no longer just an impression, but something more concrete that impacts their numbers and takes on a more tangible economic value. Moreover, when a company’s operational territory expands beyond Italy, to the rest of Europe or the whole world.


In key moments of exposure for the top of a company’s top management, in which the numbers take center stage, specialised experts step onto the scene to apply both their communication skills and their deep understanding of financial dynamics.


Because it is in these moments, when all the spotlights are turned on, making a mistake is not an option.


Financial communication is a trade meant for specialists.


Barabino & Partners is a partner of the ELITE program, designed and promoted by the Italian Stock Exchange.