Communicating social responsibility

In today’s global scenario – where companies struggle to grow their business at a pace dictated by the speed of technology – the topic of sustainability and social responsibility is just as crucial as the success of products or services introduced to the market.


One unquestionable fact is that a private company’s objectives include profitability and profit generation. It is misleading to think that corporate performance is unrelated to its impact on society and the environment in which it operates.


Corporate Social Responsibility programs are an excellent tool for supporting society, local communities and the environment in which a company operates.


Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility programmes is an essential step which – in addition to guiding the choice of customers and affecting the reputation of the company with its stakeholders – makes it possible to share positive case histories and virtuous initiatives as well as to promote the awareness for sustainability.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication is a sector part of institutional communication, market in which Barabino & Partners is the leading company in Italy.