Turning Kimbo into the best loved coffee brand in the UK

For Italians, Kimbo is a guarantee: renowned for being the traditional high-quality Neapolitan coffee, a truly established brand. However the question is how to present its values to the British public? A successful partnership with one of the UK’s most iconic patrons of Italian cooking, Jamie’s Italian, the popular franchise between Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo.

The partnership first launched in the summer of 2015 with an event at Jamie’s Italian in Piccadilly, and has since continued to allow diners to taste a true Italian coffee-based menu. The new offering, still in place across all UK restaurants, is made up of a wide selection of coffee drinks, including of course, Kimbo’s authentic Neapolitan espresso.

The fruitful collaboration has seen Kimbo’s brand awareness in the UK shift upwards, as well as increase penetration and brand consideration amongst UK consumers.

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