VINO 2016

A taste of Italian viticultural excellence

The main objective of our mandate was to widen the US media reception of the event VINO, highlighting the crucial role played by it as the leading wine event in New York.

As a matter of fact, we received an official endorsement from Mayor Bill de Blasio confirming the key relevance of the Italian Wine Week in the City of New York.

VINO2016 was hosted at the Midtown Hilton Hotel and counted over 200 Italian wine producers and more that 1,000 wine professionals.

Our work on VINO drastically improved the reception of Italian Crafted and the new Italian’s Government campaign “The Extraordinary Italian Taste”.
Thanks to our strategy we reached over 160 reposts in a couple of days.

In order to magnify the exposure, we drafted and implemented a completely new social media strategy on Facebook and Twitter, drastically increasing the fan base for both profiles.

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