Coach, graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature, with specialisation courses at both SDA Bocconi, Milan (Management and Selection of Human Resources) and Harvard Business School, Boston (Women’s Leadership Forum, Innovation Strategies for a Changing World).

Luisa Robba – a shareholder of the company since the opening of its Milan offices in 1987 – has always preferred to focus on the ‘people side of business’, the relational and motivational aspect of work.

For 30 years – from 1987 to 2017 – in a company as sensitive and committed to the development of its resources as Barabino & Partners, Luisa Robba was responsible for recruitment and human resources. Attentive to people’s potential, innovative skills, and expectations, she applied her training and coaching skills with a view to fostering team growth.

Today, as a member of the Board of Directors, she contributes to the development of the company and the professional enrichment of its resources, believing that ultimately the value of a company like Barabino & Partners is the value of the people who are part of it.

In her spare time, she loves travelling, going to the cinema, cooking and beautiful things: houses, furniture, objects, art, music, poetry and then nature, among sports, skiing and especially the sea.

She likes everything that can have a ‘nourishing’ power and that stimulates getting in touch with oneself while broadening one’s horizons, leading to the enhancement of one’s creativity and vitality.